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Juan Luis Vives

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Luis Vives

Juan Luis Vives (Latin: Ioannes Lodovicus Vives), also Joan Lluís Vives i March (ʒuˈaɲ ʎuˈiz ˈvivez i ˈmaɾk) (6 March 1493 – 6 May 1540), was a Valencian Spanish scholar and humanist. He lived during the reign of Charles I of Spain (technically under Philip II of Spain, as Charles was more preoccupied with the Holy Roman Empire). He caused great upset during this period of time, as the Church wanted religious unity and his beliefs caused more religious contradications to what the Inquisition and Philip wanted.

He descended from conversos (converts)- his parents had practiced the Jewish faith. He was offered a position at Alcala University but after the burning of his father, he could not take up this post. Vives had to leave Spain.