Julián Padrón

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Julián Padrón (September 8, 1910 - August 2, 1954) was a Venezuelan writer. He wrote for books, newspapers and magazines.

Story about Julián Padrón[change | change source]

Julián Padrón was born on September 8, 1910. He was from San Antonio, a small town from Monagas, Venezuela. When he was a little boy, he went to private schools in Cumaná. After Padrón went to a secondary school called Andrés Bello in Caracas. In 1929 Julián Padrón got a degree of secondary education in Philosophy.

In 1935 Padrón got 2 degrees:

  • A degree of Lawyer
  • A degree of Doctor in Political Science (a person who has knowledge about the science of government).

Padrón got the first degree at the Supreme Court, a place where judges work. The Supreme Court is in the Federal District. He got the second degree at the Central University of Venezuela, a place of learning. In 1944 Padrón got, at that university, a degree to be a Diplomat and a Consul (a Diplomat and a Consul are persons who are the representatives of a country in other countries).

In 1929 Julián Padrón wrote for the magazine Elite. In 1935 Julián Padrón, Arturo Uslar Pietri, Pedro Sotillo and Bruno Plá made the magazine El Ingenioso Hidalgo for a short time. In 1936 Padrón made and wrote for the newspaper Unidad Nacional. From 1945 to 1947 he wrote for the newspaper El Universal. He wrote for other newspapers and magazines.

Julián Padrón had these jobs:

  • He was the leader of the Asociación de Escritores Venezolanos, an organisation that is the representative of writers from Venezuela. Padrón was the leader of this organisation in 1937 and in 1940.
  • He created and was the manager of the Asociación de Escritores Venezolanos’ Magazines.
  • He had the direction of a committee of the Athenaeum (an organisation that does works about writings) of Caracas in 1940.
  • He had the direction of the magazine Shell from 1952 to 1954.

Julián Padrón died in Caracas on August 2, 1954.

Writings[change | change source]

Julián Padrón did this group of writings:

Novels (books of long stories)
  • La Guaricha (1934)
  • Madrugada (1939)
  • Clamor Campesino (1945)
  • Primavera Nocturna (1950)
  • Este Mundo Desolado (1954)
Short Stories
  • Candelas de verano (1937)
Dramatical Comedy
  • Fogata (1938)
Short Comic Play
  • Parásitas Negras (1939)

In 1940 Padrón and Arturo Uslar Pietri did Antología del Cuento Moderno Venezolano. It was a book that was an anthology (a group of writings) by people from Venezuela. In 1945 Padrón did other book in the anthology Cuentistas Modernos.

Source[change | change source]

This book has a short biography (story) about Julián Padrón:

  • Padrón, Julián (1984): La Guaricha. Ediciones Amon C.A., Caracas. (Biblioteca de Temas y Autores Monaguenses; Colección Guácharo; Reediciones y Biografías).