Justin I

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Justin I
Solidus of Justin I marked:
d·n· iustinus p·p· aug·
Roman Emperor of the East
Reign9 July 518 – 1 August 527
SuccessorJustinian I
Bornc. 450
Baderania, near Scupi, Eastern Roman Empire
Died1 August 527 (aged 77)
Constantinople, Eastern Roman Empire
Full name
ReligionChalcedonian Christianity

Justin I (Latin: Iustinus; Greek: Ἰουστῖνος, c. 450 - 1 August 527) was an Eastern Roman Emperor from 9 July 518 - 1 August 537. Born to a peasant family, he rose through the ranks of the army and became Imperial Guard. When Emperor Anastasius died he was elected as his successor. His reign marked the beginning and founding of the Justinian dynasty that included his nephew Justinian I.