Anastasius I Dicorus

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Anastasius I Dicorus
Emperor Anastasius on a consular diptych
Roman Emperor of the East
Reign11 April 491 - 9 July 518
SuccessorJustin I
Bornc. 431
Died9 July 518 (aged 87)
Constantinople, Eastern Roman Empire
Regnal name
Latin: Imperator Caesar Flavius Anastasius Augustus
Greek: Αὐτοκράτωρ καῖσαρ Ἀναστάσιος αὐγουστος

Anastasius (Latin: Flavius Anastasius; Greek: Φλάβιος Ἀναστάσιος, c. 431 - 9 July 518) Was an Eastern Roman emperor and the last ruler of the Leonid dynasty from 11 April 491 - 9 July 518. He was a civil cervant and became emperor when he was chosen by the wife of Emperor Zeno.

His reign was remarked as the period of stability within the Eastern Roman Empire due to his reforms to the Empire's Finances, Economy, Bureucracy and the Government leaving a long lasting impact all the way to the late Eastern Roman times.