Kafr Bara

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Kafr Bara is an Israeli-Arab local council in Israel's Central District, Kafr Bara is a village located in the southern triangle area near Jaljulia under 2,400 square-dunum area of influence.

Population and families[change | change source]

According to the latest statistics, Kafr bara has a population (3,500 inhabitants), the population grows by 5% and its population are Arab Muslims.

Institutions[change | change source]

There is a Community Center and retirement Centre shabib. and there is 3 mosques, a public library, a post office, a mother and child care centre, and 2 clinics. And a football playground.

Schools[change | change source]

There is 2 schools in Kafr Bara:

  • Omar Bin Khattab primary school, The number of students towards (700 students).
  • Comprehensive secondary school of Kafr Bara, Opened in the academic year (2009-2010) number of students (250-300) student.