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Kaiserschmarrn with (top left) apple sauce
Kaiserschmarrn with lingonberry sauce

Kaiserschmarrn is a well-known Austrian dessert. It was popular in the former Austria–Hungary as well as in Bavaria. The Czech name is "trhanec" or "kajzršmorn". In Hungary it is called "császármorzsa" or simply "smarni".[1]

Overview[change | change source]

Kaiserschmarrn is a light, caramelized pancake. It is made from a sweet batter using flour, eggs, sugar, salt, and milk, baked in butter. Kaiserschmarrn can be prepared in different ways. When making Kaiserschmarrn the egg-whites are usually separated from the yolk and beaten until stiff. Then the flour and the yolks are mixed with sugar, and the other ingredients are added. The pancake is split into pieces while frying, shredded after preparation. It is usually sprinkled with powdered sugar, then served hot with apple or plum sauce or various fruit compotes. Kaiserschmarrn is eaten like a dessert.

Traditionally Kaiserschmarrn is served with Zwetschkenröster, a fruit compote made out of Plums.

References[change | change source]

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