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Karate belts of different colors/ranks

Karate belts are a measure of a student/teacher ability. For example, a Brown belt is higher than a Blue Belt.[1]

Usual rank[change | change source]

All styles of karate range from white to black.[2] There are some theories about how belts came to be.

The "dying" theory[change | change source]

Some believe when a student graduated a kyu, he/she would dye their current belt the new, desired color.[3] This was often done in Japan during WWII when it was a very poor country.[4]

The "dirty belt" theory[change | change source]

This is a theory that demonstrates how a student would, as they trained, dirty their belt overtime. More of a myth than a theory,[5] a student started with a white belt. As sweat, dirt, and other debris occupied not only the belt, but the karate gi, his/her color appeared to get darker and closer to black.[6]

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