Karl Michael Ziehrer

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Karl Michael Ziehrer

Karl Michael Ziehrer (also spelled as Carl Michael Ziehrer) (May 2, 1843 - November 14, 1922) was an Austrian composer of light music such as waltzes and polkas.

Biography[change | change source]

Ziehrer was born in Vienna.[1] He was taught music by Simon Sechter, a famous Viennese hat-maker.

Ziehrer studied music at the Vienna Conservatory, and began his career as a conductor in 1863. He was also a bandmaster. He was one of the musical rivals of Johann Strauss II, another composer of light music in Vienna.

Some of Ziehrer's most well-known pieces of music are the Weaner Mad'ln and Wiener Bürger waltzes, and the Schönfeld March.[1]

Ziehrer died in 1922.

References[change | change source]

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