Kayin State

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Kayin State
Other transcription(s)
 • Karenk'nyaw kawseh
 • Burmeseka.rang pranynai
Flag of Kayin State
Official seal of Kayin State
Location of Kayin State in Myanmar
Location of Kayin State in Myanmar
Coordinates: 17°0′N 97°45′E / 17.000°N 97.750°E / 17.000; 97.750Coordinates: 17°0′N 97°45′E / 17.000°N 97.750°E / 17.000; 97.750
Country Myanmar
 • Chief MinisterSaw Myint Oo
 • CabinetKayin State Government
 • Total30,382.8 km2 (11,730.9 sq mi)
Area rank11th
Highest elevation2,623 m (8,606 ft)
 • Total1,574,079
 • Rank11th
 • Density52/km2 (130/sq mi)
Demonym(s)Karen, Kayin
 • EthnicitiesKaren (majority), Padaung, Bamar, Shan, Pa-O, Mon, Rakhine, Burmese-Thai
Time zoneUTC+06:30 (MMT)
HDI (2017)0.527[2]
low · 12th
Official languageKaren

Kayin State (Eastern Pwo: ဖၠုံခါန်ႋကၞင့်; S'gaw Karen: ကညီကီၢ်စဲၣ်, pronounced [kɲɔkɔshæ], Burmese: ကရင်ပြည်နယ်, pronounced: [kəjɪ̀ɴ pjìnɛ̀]), also known by its former name Karen State, is a state of Myanmar. The capital city is Hpa-An, also spelled Pa-An.

Government[change | change source]

The government of Kayin State is split into three branches: an executive (Kayin State Government), a legislative (Kayin State Hluttaw), and a judicial (Kayin State High Court).

Administrative divisions[change | change source]

Karen State has one city and nine towns. It has four districts, seven townships and 4092 villages.

4 districts of Kayin

Districts[change | change source]

  • Hpa-an District
  • Myawaddy District
  • Kawkareik District
  • Hpapun District
  • Kyondoe District

Townships[change | change source]

  • Hpa-an Township
  • Hlaingbwe Township
  • Hpapun Township
  • Thandaunggyi Township
  • Myawaddy Township
  • Kawkareik Township
  • Kyainseikgyi Township

Cities and towns[change | change source]


Villages and hamlets[change | change source]

Kayin State is very mountainous so the villages are very small. Lots of Kayin State's population is across the countryside in hundreds of villages.

Population[change | change source]

Historical population
Source: 2014 Myanmar Census[1]

Since the 1973 Census, the population of Karen State has increased from 858,429 to 1,055,359 in the 1983 census and 1,574,079 in the census of 2014.[3]

Transport[change | change source]

Karen State has two airports, Hpapun Airport and Hpa-An Airport, but they aren't open to the public currently.

References[change | change source]

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