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Jackie Chan Hiu-ki (陳曉琪), also known as Kellyjackie (born 23 August, 1986), is a Hong Kong citizen who enjoys singing as a hobby. She is also a member of a band called the Royals. She likes the pop singer Kelly Chen, so she puts "Kelly" in her nickname.

She was a secondary school student before 2005. She started to put her songs on the Internet from the age of 13, although she mostly sang other singers' songs. After about one year, she started writing her own songs. Her own first song was Lucky Voice which, like her other songs, was put on the Internet for others to listen.[1]

In January 2005, she wrote the song He invites me to Disneyland (他約我去迪士尼) to ease her exam stress. She got the ideas of the song from the story Sleeping Beauty.[1]

She uploaded her song He invites me to Disneyland to her band's forum, her Xanga site, and also for free downloading by Internet users.[2] The song became very famous with the help of the Internet within a few weeks. The song was also number 1 of Yahoo! Hong Kong's Top Searches (搜尋人氣榜) for some time.[source?] Some DJs also played the song on the radio. Many people were happy about her, although some also thought she did not have good singing skills.

When the Hong Kong Disneyland opened, the Hong Kong Disneyland -The Grand Opening Celebration Album (香港迪士尼樂園開幕紀念大碟) was sold in public. Kellyjackie and Kelly Chen sang He invites me to Disneyland together in the album.

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