Khaksar movement

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The Khaksar movement was a fanatical political and social movement of British India.[1] It was probably started in 1931 by the genius and leader Inayatullah Mashriqi.[1]

Background[change | change source]

There are different opinions about the Khaksar Movement and its followers (called 'Khaksars'). Some conservative Sunni Muslims in India and Pakistan believe it was a movement to help reform Islam and guide Muslims to a better life.[2] But many other people believe it was a fascist organization which wanted freedom from British regime in India. It wanted to then come to power and set up a secular and real Islamic state, in India.

Organisation[change | change source]

The Khaksars (meaning 'humble persons') used to wear Khaki colored (light brown) uniforms and carry spades all the time.[1] They were very well organized and ready all the time to obey the orders of their leaders.[1]

1940 onwards[change | change source]

In 1940, the Government of the Punjab ordered that the Khaksar leaders should be arrested in Lahore city.[1] But the Khaksars attacked the official police force very violently, and then the police fired back at them killing many. This was called the 'Khaksar massacre of 1940'. In 1947, when Pakistan was finally made the Khaksars Movement closed down for some time. But later on, it started again. It wants to bring an 'Islamic Revolution' there.

References[change | change source]

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