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Kikuou Hayashiya (林家木久扇, Hayashiya Kikuou, born October 19, 1937) is a member of Shōten. His real name is Hiroshi Toyota, although he is most widely known by his previous comedian name Kikuzou Hayashiya (林家木久蔵), of which he was the first. The new Hayashiya Kikuzou is his son: ex-Kikuo. On Shōten, he always wears a yellow kimono. He is known for making commonplace jokes and usually "plays the fool." He is a mood maker.

Kikuzō Ramen[change | change source]

Kikuou is also famous for his side job, a chain of noodle shops named after him called "Kikuzō Ramen."[1] (Kikuzō is his old name). On Shōten, he often advertises Kikuzō Ramen, but other members joke about it being very flavorless. Kikuzō Ramen is famous for its lack of flavor.

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