Kobe Institute of Computing

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Kobe Institute of Computing (KIC) - Graduate School of Information Technology
MottoSocial Innovation by ICT and yourself
Established2005; 19 years ago (2005)
Hyogo, Kobe
FounderTomio Fukuoka
PresidentToshiki Sumitani
Vice-presidentTomoyuki Naito
PostgraduatesMaster of Information Systems
2-2-7 Kano-cho, Kobe Chuo-ku,
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Kobe Institute of Computing; Graduate School of Information Technology (神戸情報大学院大学, Kōbe jōhō daigakuin daigaku) is a private university in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

Fields of study[change | change source]

KIC Graduate School of Information Technology has one Masters course called "Department of Information Systems" which has two courses: ICT Professional Course and ICT Innovator Course.

Course term / degree[change | change source]

  • Normal course term: two years
  • Degree: Master of Information Systems

Recognition[change | change source]

KIC ranked #1 among 530 Japanese private universities in terms of the sustainability index, composed of growth of number of students, growth of government research grant, and financial soundness.[1]

KIC has been awarded JICA President Award 2019 to commend the individuals and organizations with preeminent achievements of the socio-economic development in developing countries through Japan International Cooperation Agency 's (JICA) international cooperation activities.[2]

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