Korean Democratic Party

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Korean Democratic Party (Korean: 한국민주당, Hanja: 韓國民主黨) was an early political party in Korea. Its abbreviation was KDP (한민당, 韓民黨). The party was founded in September 1945, in Seoul. The name was based on the United States Democratic Party. Its politics were conservative, economy liberalism and curture nationalism. In August 1948, it lost the elections for South Korea's first government. It formed the opposition party instead.

The first leader of the KDP was Song Jin-wu, but he was killed by extremist nationalists, in December 1945. The second leader was Chang Deok-su, who had studied politics in Europe and the United States. He was also killed by extremism nationalists, on 2 December 1947. The third leader was Kim Seong-su, a founding member. He was chairman of the Korean University.

Korean Democratic Party merged with the Great Korean People's Party in February 1949. They named the new party Democratic Peoples Party. In 1955, the Democratic Peoples Party was renamed the Democratic Party.

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