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Kornel Morawiecki

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Kornel Andrzej Morawiecki (3 May 1941 – 30 September 2019) was a Polish politician and theoretical physicist. He was born in Warsaw. Morawiecki was the founder and leader of Fighting Solidarity (Polish: Solidarność Walcząca). He was also a member of the 8th legislature of the Sejm,[1] of which was also the Senior Marshal from 12 November 2015 until his death.

He was one of the candidates in the 2010 Polish presidential election, but received only 0.13% of the vote and did not make it into the second round.

His son Mateusz Morawiecki is the Prime Minister of Poland.[2]

Morawiecki died on 30 September 2019 of pancreatic cancer in Warsaw at the age of 78.[3]

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