Coordinates: 42°04′N 20°25′E / 42.067°N 20.417°E / 42.067; 20.417
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Coat of arms of Kukës
Kukës is located in Albania
Coordinates: 42°04′N 20°25′E / 42.067°N 20.417°E / 42.067; 20.417
CountyKukës County
DistrictKukës District
320 m (1,050 ft)
 • Total17,222
Time zoneUTC+1 (Central European Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Area code024
Car PlatesKU

Kukës is a city in Albania. It the capital of Kukës District and Kukës County. About 16,000 people live here. The city is in the mountains of northern Albania. It is famous because during the Kosovo conflict they took 450,000 refugees from Kosovo (Serbia).[1] Because of this, it was nominated for the 2000 Nobel Peace Prize.[1] It was the first time a city was nominated for the prize.[2]

Background[change | change source]

The Kukës city was formed in 2015 by the merger of the former municipalities Arrën, Bicaj, Bushtricë, Grykë-Çajë, Kalis, Kolsh, Kukës, Malzi, Shishtavec, Shtiqën, Surroj, Tërthore, Topojan, Ujmisht and Zapod, that became municipal units.[3]

The city 934.80 square kilometres (360.93 sq mi) and had a total population of 47,985 people as of 2011.[4]

Kukës County is Albania's poorest region both historically and presently.[5]

In 2017, the city applied for the 2018 European Green Capital Award to become Europe's Green Capital.[6]

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References[change | change source]

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