Lalande 21185

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Lalande 21185 is the largest red dwarf ever discovered with a diameter of 547,060 kilometres (339,930 mi), It is located in the constellation of Ursa Major. Although relatively close by, it's visual magnitude is only 7 in visible light and thus is too dim to see with the naked eye. The star is visible through a small telescope.[1]

At about 8.31 light-years (2.55 parsecs) away this star is the fifth closest stellar system to the Sun; only the Alpha Centauri system, Barnard's Star, WISE 1049-5319 and Wolf 359 are closer. Because of its proximity it is a frequent subject for astronomical surveys and other research. It is known by other designations, such as BD+36 2147, Gliese 411, and HD 95735.[2]

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