Lamia Al-Gailani Werr

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Al-Gailani on 16 January 2019

Lamia Al-Gailani Werr (8 March 1938[1] – 18 January 2019) was an Iraqi archaeologist. Her works focused in ancient Mesopotamian antiquities. She was born in Baghdad, Iraq. She was known for maintaining links between British and Iraqi archaeology under the Saddam Hussein regime.

She worked to preserve cultural heritage in the aftermath of the Iraq War.[2] She was closely involved in the reconstruction of the National Museum of Iraq, where she had worked as a curator in the 1960s, and the founding of the Basrah Museum.

She was awarded the fifth Gertrude Bell Memorial Gold Medal by the British Institute for the Study of Iraq in 2009.

Al-Gailani died in Amman, Jordan, on 18 January 2019 from a heart attack while en route to Iraq, aged 80.[2]

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