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Land Transport Authority

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Land Transport Authority
Agency overview
Formed1 September 1995[1]
Preceding agencies
  • Registry of Vehicles[1]
  • Mass Rapid Transit Corporation[1]
  • Roads & Transportation Division of the Public Works Department[1]
  • Land Transportation Division of the Ministry of Communications[1]
JurisdictionGovernment of Singapore
Headquarters1 Hampshire Road Singapore 219428
Agency executives
  • Chan Heng Loon Alan, Chairman
  • Ngien Hoon Ping, Chief Executive[2]
Parent agencyMinistry of Transport

The Land Transport Authority (Abbreviation: LTA; Chinese: 陆路交通管理局 (shortform: 陆交局); Malay: Penguasa Pengangkutan Darat; Tamil: நிலப் போக்குவரத்து வாரியம்) of Singapore is a statutory board of the Ministry of Transport. It was founded in 1 September 1995, by merging four agencies, which are Registry of Vehicles, Mass Rapid Transit Corporation, Roads & Transportation Division of the Public Works Department of Singapore and Land Transport Division of the then-Ministry of Communications. LTA leads the development of land transport in Singapore.

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The Land Transport Authority's headquarters at the former Kandang Kerbau Women's and Children's Hospital.
The LTA Gallery is located at the LTA office at Hampshire Road