Lavington's Hole

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Lavington's Hole
Shropshire, England
Lavington's Hole , Bridgenorth , Shropshire , April 2012 - panoramio.jpg
The Hermitage Caves near the hole
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In useApril 1646
EventsEnglish Civil War

Lavington's Hole is a Civil War-aged tunnel in the town of Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Several caves known as the Hermitage Caves also exist near the tunnel, dug out during the Saxon era by Alfred the Great's grandson.[1]

History[change | change source]

The church Lavington tried to blow up

After three weeks of continued attack on the castle Colonel Lavington and his Roundhead team dug seventy meters underneath Castle Hill, where the castle is. He knew that the Cavaliers stored gunpowder in the church so he wahted to blow it up.[2] The tunnel was never completed as the Royalists surrendered on April 26, 1646.[2] It is now deemed "unsafe" to enter the tunnel and surrounding dwellings.

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