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Alternative namesLaxoox
Place of originDjibouti, Somalia and Yemen
Main ingredientsPlain flour, self-raising flour, water, yeast

Laxoox (pronounced 'la-hoh') in Somalia, or Canjeera is a flat bread, a kind of pancake served in Somaliland, Somalia, Yemen and parts of Djibouti. It is frequently seen in the kitchens of northern East Africa.

Variants[change | change source]

Laxoox bread is very similar to injera, made in Ethiopian and Eritrea, but is much thinner and smaller in size. However, laxoox is always made with wheat flour, while the injera is made from teff (which can be made with flour of other cereals).

Preparation[change | change source]

The bread is made with a mixture of wheat flour, yeast, warm water and a small portion of salt. The mixture is stirred by hand until it becomes creamy and smooth, in this case is left to ferment in the evening. The laxoox is traditionally cooked in a circular metal plate called Daawa. Somalis living in exile, without access to a Daawa, use a normal pan instead.

Flavor is often using melted butter or caramel. The Laxoox served with ful medames, scrambled egg, minced meat, beans, hummus, soup, camel milk, tea or Turkish. Generally it is sometimes eaten as a morning or afternoon lunch.