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Layyah District

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Layyah District (Urdu: ضلع لیّہ) is a district in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The city of Layyah is the capital.

Layyah District shares borders with the districts of Bhakkar (north), Muzaffargarh (south), Jhang (east) and D.G. Khan (west). The District is of semi rectangular shape and has sandy land.[source?] The total area of the district is 6291 km2.[source?] It is 88 km from east to west & 75 km from north to south.[source?] It is made up of the three tehsils of:

  1. Layyah Tehsil
  2. Chaubara Tehsil
  3. Karor Lal Esan Tehsil[source?]

Layyah District has an extremely hot climate. The temperature in winter is low because it is near the Koh-Suleman mountains.[source?] The tehsil Chaubara is almost barren and is made up of forest and sand dunes. The tehsil of Layyah and Karor Lal Esan are better developed agriculturally but they have also large areas of sand dunes and uncultivated land. The river Indus passes from north to south on western side of the district and touches D.G. Khan.[source?]

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