Lepi Mića

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Lepi Mića
Miroslav Pržulj

(1959-01-01) January 1, 1959 (age 63)
Years active1989-present
Known forSongs about the Yugoslav Wars
Notable work
The albums Krvava svadba, Pravoslavc, Gdje cvjetaju božuri, Srbima za sva vremena, and Oj, Srbijo, majko moja

Lepi Mića (born Miroslav Pržulj; January 1, 1959) is a Bosnian Serb turbofolk singer-songwriter. He started making music in Sarajevo in 1989 with his album Рулет среће (Roulette of luck). In 1990 he joined the Army of Republika Srpska and fought in the Bosnian War. In 1991, he left Bosnia and moved to Belgrade, where he got married.[1] In 2013, he was invited to Season 5 of the RTV Pink reality show Farma (Farm), but later kicked off for hate speech.[2][3] He was also invited to Season 7, which he lost, and he was invited to the show's sequel, Zadruga. In his songs, he often complains about the Croatian and Bosnian governments.[4] He has written nine albums, five of which were about the Yugoslav wars or Serbian nationalism.

Discography[1][change | change source]

Serbian name English translation Year published
Рулет среће Roulette of luck 1989
Сад кад се растајемо Now we depart 1990
Крвава свадба Bloody wedding 1992
Православци Orthodox 1993
Србима за сва времена For Serbs of all time 1993
Гдје цветају божури Where peonies grow 1994
Жено плаве косе Hey, blonde woman 1996
Свака ме зима на тебе сјећа Every winter reminds me of you 1998
Ој Србијо, мајка моја O Serbia, my mother 2008
Четнички Војвода Милан II Кузмановић Chetnik Warlord Milan II Kuzmanović 2017

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