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Lever-action firearms

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Firing a Henry rifle

Lever-action firearms are guns that hold multiple bullets and are loaded by pulling and pushing a lever at the bottom of the gun.

Lever-action rifles first became important weapons during the American Civil War. Two rifles made during this time were the Henry and Spencer rifles. They fired much more quickly and could be loaded much faster than muzzleloading rifles. However, their use was limited because many generals felt that the ability to shoot many bullets without reloading would cause soldiers to shoot with less accuracy. However, after the Civil War, lever-action guns became much more popular. They were popular with not just soldiers, but also with hunters and even civilians. They were so popular that the most famous lever-action rifle, the Winchester Model 1873, was called "the gun that won the West".

Both the militaries of the United States and the Russian Empire used lever-action guns often until the beginning of the 20th century. Even though lever action guns can fire much faster than bolt-action rifles (lever-actions can fire 2 rounds a second in skilled hands,) the bolt-action rifle was chosen to be the main gun for most infantry. This was because bolt-action rifles could easily be fired when soldiers are lying on the ground, but lever-actions cannot do so easily.

Lever-action guns were made for many different types of bullets, both pistol and rifle bullets. Most lever-action guns are rifles, but there are also lever-action shotguns as well. The most famous of these are the Winchester Model 1887.