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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Li.
Li in 1943

Li Li-Hua (also known as Li Hua Li, Li Lihua and Teresa Li Chinese: 李麗華; 17 July 1924 – 19 March 2017) was a Chinese Hong-Kong actress,[1][2][3][4] better known as an actress from the Shaw Brothers Studio.

In 1957, Li married Hong Kong actor and director Yan Jun (嚴俊).[5] He died in 1980.

Li Lihua was born on July 17, 1924 in Shanghai.

Her first movie was 3 Smiles (三笑) which was released in two parts in 1940. Her final movie was New Dream of the Red Chamber (新紅樓夢) in 1978 after which she retired and moved to the United States. She acted in over one hundred twenty movies during her 38 year career.[6] In 1969 she was awarded the Golden Horse Best Actress award for Storm over the Yangtze River (揚子江風雲).[7]

Li died in Hong Kong on 19 March 2017, aged 92.[8]

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