The Straits Times

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The Straits Times
Owner(s)Singapore Press Holdings
Founder(s)Cathick Moses
Circulation364,000 for The Sunday Times
Sister newspapersThe Sunday Times

The Straits Times is a newspaper in Singapore. It was started in 1845. It prints news on a broadsheet.[1] The newspaper belongs to Singapore Press Holdings.

On August 9, 1965, Singapore left Malaysia and the paper was more focused on Singapore and they created New Straits Times so Malaysians could still read the news.

History[change | change source]

The newspaper was started in 1845 by Cathick Moses. His friend, Martyrose Apcar wanted to start a local paper, but realized it was too expensive so Moses did.[2]

It was originally a weekly paper but is now printed daily. It’s called 'the "Sunday Times" when it makes the news on a Sunday.

1942[change | change source]

Japan, called the Japanese Empire back in that time had taken Singapore in WW2 and so to avoid being censored Straits Times changed its name to The Shonan Times.[3] It got its name of The Straits Times back when the British took it back.

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