Limarí Province

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Limarí Province

Provincia de Limarí
Official seal of Limarí Province
Location in the Coquimbo Region
Limarí, in red, in the Coquimbo Region
Limarí Province is located in Chile
Limarí Province
Limarí Province
Location in Chile
Coordinates: 30°30′S 71°00′W / 30.500°S 71.000°W / -30.500; -71.000Coordinates: 30°30′S 71°00′W / 30.500°S 71.000°W / -30.500; -71.000
Country Chile
ComunasCombarbalá, Monte Patria, Punitaqui, Río Hurtado, Ovalle
 • TypeProvincial
 • GovernorWladimir Pleticosic Orellana
 • Total13,553.2 km2 (5,232.9 sq mi)
 (2002 Census)[2]
 • Total156,158
 • Density12/km2 (30/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-4 (CLT)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-3 (CLST)
Area code(s)56 +
WebsiteOfficial website

Limarí Province (Spanish: Provincia de Limarí) is one of three provinces of the Chilean region of Coquimbo Region (IV). Its capital is the city of Ovalle.

It is named after the main river of the province: the Limarí River.

Geography[change | change source]

The Limarí province has an area of 13,553.2 km2 (5,232.9 sq mi), the second largest province in the Coquimbo region.[2]

Limarí is bordered on the north by the Elqui province, on the east by Argentina, on the south by the Choapa province and on the west by the Pacific Ocean.

The main river of the province is the Limarí river that is 64 km (39.8 mi) long.[3]

Population[change | change source]

As of 2002 (last national census), there were 156,158 people living in the province, giving it a population density of 11.5 inhabitants/km².[2]

The largest city of the province is Ovalle, its capital, with a population, in 2002, of 66,405 inhabitants.

Administration[change | change source]

As a province, Limarí is a second-level administrative division, consisting of five communes (comunas). The city of Ovalle serves as the provincial capital. The province is administered by a governor.

The Limarí province, in the middle
Limarí province
Code Comuna Capital Area[2]
04301 13 Ovalle Ovalle 3,834.5 98,089
04302 11 Combarbalá Combarbalá 1,895.9 13,483
04303 12 Monte Patria Monte Patria 4,366.3 30,276
04304 14 Punitaqui Punitaqui 1,339.3 9,539
04305 15 Río Hurtado Río Hurtado 2,117.2 4,771
Total of the Limarí province 13,553.2 156,158

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