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This article is about the fictional characters from InuYasha, an anime and manga series written by Rumiko Takahashi.

Main characters[change | change source]

The main hero characters are:

InuYasha[change | change source]

Inuyasha is the main character of the series. He is a half-demon ("han'yō" in Japanese). His father was a great demon general and the ruler of the western lands, his mother was a human princess who went against social standards and bore a demons child. His father died the day he was born, protecting his mother and his mother later dies when he is a small child (most likely under the age of ten, although it is never really explained). He uses a weapon called the Tetsusaiga, which is a sword made from his father's fang, it can kill a hundred demons in a single swing. On the new moon his demon blood wanes and he becomes human for one night.

Fifty years before the start of the anime, Inuyasha meets a priestess by the name of Kikyo, while searching for the legendary Shikon no Toma. He wants to use the jewel to become a full demon, so he can become strong. Kikyo is the keeper of the jewel and a fair match for Inuyasha, he is never able to get the jewel from her. The two form a strange relationship with each other because they are both outcasts because of their individual lots in life. They fall in love with each other and Kikyo ask Inuyasha to become a human for two reasons. First, so she and Inuyasha can be together unhindered by social constraints and second because she believes it will purify the Shikon no Toma, ending her obligation to protect the jewel. Inuyasha reluctantly agrees because he wants to live a normal life.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, a demon named Naraku foils their plan turning them against each other. He first attacks Kikyo, using Inuyasha image and then attacks Inuyasha using Kikyo's image. Inuyasha, thinking Kikyo has betrayed him, steals the jewel and flees the village. Kikyo, thinking Inuyasha has betrayed her, follows him and pins him to Goshinbock using a sealing arrow. She dies soon after.

Fifty years later, Inuyasha awakens on the tree to the sight of Kagome, Kikyo's reincarnation. Together they hunt for the Shikon no Toma shards, after Kagome shatters the jewel. At first Inuyasha hates Kagome because of her resemblance to Kikyo but eventually grows to love her very deeply (some argue more deeply than he ever loved Kikyo). Slowly, Kagome teaches him to embrace his heritage and slowly heals the wounds that have been inflicted on his heart by Kikyo, Naraku, and the hardness of his life. At the end of the anime he makes this very clear, when he announces that Kagome was born to heal him and he was born to protect Kagome.

At the end of the anime Inuyasha is shown to have grown into a very wise character. He is no longer angry and jealous but instead wise and understanding because of all that Kagome has taught him. This is especially seen when he decides to let Kagome go back to her own time, instead of staying with him because he knows that Kagome's family needs her more than he does, although this decision seems to greatly depress him.

Three years later after graduating from high school, Kagome's longing to be with Inuyasha causes the well to open once again and she is allowed to return to the past permanently (much to Inuyasha's great relief). In the last scene of the anime, it is implied, that her and Inuyasha marry when she calls Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha's brother) her brother-in-law.

Kagome Higurashi[change | change source]

Kagome Higurashi is the second protagonist and narrator of the series. Kagome is a fifteen year old middle school student, who lives in the Sunset shrine in 20th century Tokyo, Japan.

On her fifteenth birthday, Kagome is dragged down her families well by a demon (Mistress Centipede in English) after attempting to rescue the family cat. She arrives in 15th century Japan soon after. At this time she sees Inuyasha for the first time, pinned to Goshinbock (The God's Tree in the English version). Upon seeing him, she 'tweaks' his ears, only to find herself surrounded by angry villagers who are scared by her strange 'modern' clothes. They take her to Kaede the village Miko (priestess). Kaede, upon seeing Kagome, realizes that Kagome is the reincarnation of her older sister, Kikyo, the original protector of the Shikon no Toma. Shortly after, Mistress Centipede attacks the village. Kagome knows that the demon is after her and decides to flea so the demon will leave the innocent villagers alone. She ends up at Goshinbock where Inuyasha (His pulse restarts and is alive.) has awakened.

At this time, one of the most iconic moments of the anime happens. Inuyasha, who does not realize he has been on the tree for fifty years calls Kagome, Kikyo and insults her. Kagome retaliates by yelling at him and explaining that her name is KA-GO-ME. Mistress Centipede reaches them and grabs Kagome at the hip, ripping the Shikon no Toma from her side before she wraps herself around the tree, crushing Kagome to Inuyasha. Inuyasha convinces Kagome to remove the arrow from his chest so he can kill the demon. Kagome obeys and he is freed. He kills the demon and then turns on Kagome, wanting the jewel for himself. Kaede seeing the problem, decides to put a rosary around Inuyasha's neck. She says a prayer that casts the rosary out and it goes around Inuyasha neck and only Kagome can remove. She then tells Kagome to say a command word, the only word Kagome can think of it 'sit' because he looks like a dog. Upon saying the word, Inuyasha is slammed into the ground and the greatest love hate relationship ever is born.

Kagome learns that Inuyasha wants the jewel to become a full demon. Unfortunantly, Kagome in her clumsy nature shatters the jewel only an episode later and it is decided that she and Inuyasha will team up to find the Shikon Shards for two reasons. First, because she is the only one who can 'see' them and second because she needs someone strong to protect her during the process. This causes Kagome to lead a double life, Shard detector in the past and middle school student in the present.

Throughout the anime Inuyasha and Kagome met many people, demon, half demon (hanyou), and human. They make many friends and learn much in the process, getting closer with each episode. By the end of the anime Inuyasha and Kagome are very much in love with one another despite many road blocks such as Kikyo, Kagome's incarnation and Inuyasha's first love, being brought back to 'life'. Kikyo eventually returns to the after life and Inuyasha is free to love Kagome completely.

At the end of the series Inuyasha and Kagome are separated after Naraku is defeated, Inuyasha staying in the past and Kagome returning to her own time. Three years pass in which Kagome attends and graduates from High School. After her graduation, she returns to the well in her families shrine and wishes to see Inuyasha again. The well opens and with her mother's blessing she returns to the past and she returns to Inuyasha, permanently.

Although it is not officially said, it is implied that Inuyasha and Kagome are married in the very last scene of the anime, when Kagome looks at Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha's brother) and plainly calls him her brother-in-law.

Miroku[change | change source]

Miroku is the second character to join Inuyasha and Kagome in the quest to defeat Naraku and purify the Shikon no Tama. He is a monk who has an unhealthy habit of groping women, especially Sango, another predominant character in the anime. Miroku carries on a curse that was originally placed on his grandfather by the demon, Naraku. The curse itself looks like a black void in the palm of his hand. In the English version it is called the Wind Tunnel or Air Void (Kazana in the Japanese version) and can suck anything inside of it, making it Miroku's greatest weapon but also his greatest threat. One day the Wind Tunnel will suck Miroku into it as well as it did to his father and his grandfather.

Because of this Miroku needs a male heir to carry on his family name should he die. Therefore, he is always asking women to "bear his child," in hopes of gaining this male heir. This becomes a chronic joke in the anime, almost always ending with Miroku groping a girl (mainly Sango), asking said girl (mainly Sango) to bear his child, and then getting slapped hard in the face by said girl (mainly Sango). As the anime progresses Miroku becomes a much deeper character and is shown to be a man longing for love and a family, which he eventually finds in Sango after the defeat of Naraku. At this time Miroku and Sango marry and have three children, twin girls and a boy.

Sango[change | change source]

Sango is the third and last character to join Inuyasha and Kagome in the quest to defeat Naraku and purify the Shikon no Toma. She is a demon slayer or a yokai tajiya as she is dubbed in the Japanese version of the anime. At one time she lived with her father and brother in a demon exterminator village. This particular village is also the location of the Shikon no Toma's birth and it is suggested that Sango's Grandfather was the one who entrusted the jewel to Kikyo fifty years ago.

In episode 24, Sango first encounters Naraku on a mission to exterminate a demon at a near by Castle. Her brother, Kohaku, is sent to help her defeat the demon (it is his first demon exterminating job). Naraku disguised as the Castle's Lord, takes control of the young and vulnerable Kohaku and uses him to kill all of the demon exterminators and his sister, Sango. He nearly succeeds but comes back to his senses. Naraku then orders the Castle guards to kill the pair. They are both shot in the back with arrows. Sango manages to live but is badly hurt and under the impression that her brother has died as well as her whole family. Meanwhile, Naraku destroys Sango's village and disguised as the Lord of the Castle tells her that Inuyasha was the one who attacked it and killed her family. Even though she is badly injured Sango wants revenge and decides to go after Inuyasha, just as Naraku had planed she would.

Upon fighting Inuyasha, however, Sango learns that he is not bad just because he is a demon and that he did not in fact kill the people of her village. Inuyasha, in his blunt and rash way, helps her to heal and convinces her to live to defeat Naraku. She then swears revenge on Naraku and decides to join the group, along with her pet cat demon, Kirara. Eventually, she finds out Kohaku is alive but under the control of Naraku. She vows to get her brother back and spends the majority of the anime trying to save him, often not succeeding but living with the support of the group (especially with Miroku's support).

By the end, she saves Kohaku and marries Miroku, her love interest throughout the anime. They have three children, twin girls and a boy.

Shippo[change | change source]

Shippo is the first character to join Inuyasha and Kagome in the quest to defeat Naraku and purify the Shikon no Toma. He is an adolescent fox demon or kitsune youkai as he is refereed to in the Japanese version of the anime. Although Shippo's age is never mentioned he appears approximately five years old.

He meets Kagome and Inuyasha when he attempts to steal their Shikon Shards with a fox illusion that Inuyasha easily sees through. Shippo explains to them that his mother and father are dead, his father having been very recently killed by the Thunder Brothers, Hiten and Manten. Hiten, the older of the Thunder Brothers possesses Shikon shards. Therefore, Shippo believes that in order to get revenge he needs Shikon Shards of his own, so he can be strong. Eventually, Shippo succeeds in stealing the Shikon shards by tricking Inuyasha. Inadvertently, this causes Kagome to be kidnapped soon after by the Thunder Brothers, which in turn causes Inuyasha to come save them. Inuyasha eventually beats the Thunder Brothers, gaining their Shikon Shards in the process, and begrudgingly allows Shippo into the group.

Kagome treats him with motherly affection, and often brings him crayons and candy from her time as well as allowing him to bath with her and sleep with her. Inuyasha treats him badly most of the time, claiming the small child annoying. Many fans see this as a sign of jealousy because Inuyasha does not like the attention Kagome pays to Shippo instead of himself. The other central characters all seem to treat Shippo as a son or younger brother, often teaching him life lessons or coddling him.

Kilala Kirara is ango's pet cat demon or neko yokai as she is referred to in the Japanese version. She appears to be a small, almost kitten sized cat the majority of the time but when provoked or ready for battle she transforms into a very large, lion sized cat. She is a very loyal demon, who was originally owned by Midoriko, the creator of the Shikon no Toma.

She is exceptionally clever and is much more intelligent than a simple cat. She is an asset in battle because of her ability to fly. It is sometimes implied that Inuyasha can understand Kirara to a degree, although the creator of the anime does not seem to spend much time explaining demon's ability to connect with animals. Although it is shown that Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha's older brother, can in fact talk to dogs and Kouga, a wolf demon in the series, can in fact talk to wolves, their respective animal counterparts.

Kirara and Shippo seem to have a strong connection, perhaps because they are of a very similar size. Oftentimes, the two are shown together and when Shippo is not sleeping with Kagome, he is usually seen with Kirara.

Main villains[change | change source]

Naraku[change | change source]

Naraku is the main antagonist of the series. He is an evil demon made by Onigumo, who loved Kikyo. When Onigumo became jealous of Inuyasha, he made many demons, led by a spider demon, come to him with his impure (bad) mind of jealousy. This is because demons like bad minds. The spider demon tells Onigumo that if Onigumo wants revenge on Inuyasha, he has to let the demons eat his soul and join with him to fight off Inuyasha. When Onigumo agrees, Naraku is created. Naraku has a heart made out of Onigumo's soul, which still loves Kikyo. But Naraku is evil because many demons joined him, just like the demons made by Midoriko's lover, and kills Kikyo while pretending to be Inuyasha. This is so that Kikyo would think the real Inuyasha killed her. Naraku did this to get the shikon no tama for himself, and did not want Kikyo to hand it to Inuyasha.

Kikyo seals Inuyasha because of this, when Inuyasha runs away with the shikon no tama because Naraku also turned into Kikyo to say things to hurt Inuyasha, who thought it was the real Kikyo. Thinking that Kikyo would not give him the shikon no tama as promised, he steals it. Kikyo thinks then that Inuyasha is betraying her so she shoots an arrow at him.

Nobody knows about Naraku until episode 15, where Miroku tells Inuyasha and Kagome about a demon who gave a curse called Wind Tunnel on him. Naraku really gave the curse to Miroku's grandfather, who thought Naraku was a real woman since Naraku turned into a woman to fool the grandfather. The curse has to go on until they win against Naraku. This is how Miroku joins in.

Naraku also tells the other demons in episode 24 to attack a village where no demon slayer are left, because Naraku controlled Kohaku, a demon slayer, to kill the rest of the slayers. Sango, Kohaku's sister, who is still alive tries to kill Naraku who attacked her village. This is how Sango joins in.

Basically, Naraku is the reason why everyone met each other... they are also planning to kill him as well as finding the shikon no tama that broke into pieces. Naraku is also trying to gather the pieces so that he can become a full demon, because he's a half-demon and half-human since with Onigumo, a human, joined with demons.


As well as being able to change into different people, Naraku can also make parts of his body come apart (detach) from him. They are usually called his detachments or incarnations. He made many of them including Kagura, Hakudoshi, Akago and Musou. Akago and Musou were to make himself not like Kikyo anymore because of Onigumo.

Minor characters[change | change source]

Kaede[change | change source]

Kaede is Kikyo's stubborn (she never changes her mind) sister, who lived for 50 years after Kikyo died and meets Kagome. She is the one who found out that Kagome was her sister Kikyo's reincarnation, and tells Inuyasha and Kagome to work together, because Kagome also has the priestess powers that Kikyo once had. She tells both of them that Kagome can see the Shikon no Tama unlike other people, and because Inuyasha cannot see the jewel but is strong enough to fight for it, they can work together. She loves her sister more than anything. She wishes that Kikyo's soul would rest in peace, from the day when Kikyo came alive again as a doll, because of Urasue.

Kikyo[change | change source]

Kikyo was a girl priest, also called priestess or miko. She was cursed to die if she loved someone. She did not think she was a normal person because of her priestess powers (spiritiual powers). She thought that she did not belong anywhere normal. InuYasha, a half-demon, and half-human also did not belong on any side and wanted to become a full demon, just like Kikyo wanting to become normal. This is why Kikyo felt the same as Inuyasha. Because of this they came to love each other. After they both loved each other, Kikyo promises to Inuyasha that she will give him shikon no tama, which she has to look after (which she also is a priestess for), if Inuyasha uses it to become a full human instead of a full demon. This would make Kikyo normal again, because she's not a priestess any more and Inuyasha is also normal, human husband.

Naraku, an evil demon made by Onigumo, loved Kikyo and was jealous of InuYasha. Naraku could change his shape into different people. He wanted the jewel that Kikyo had, the Shikon no Tama. The jewel would free him from Onigumo's orders (heart) telling him not to kill Kikyo. In the beginning of story, Naraku turned into Inuyasha and talked to Kikyo. Next, he turned Kikyo and talked to InuYasha. He said things that hurt them. He did this to make them hate each other. Kikyo nearly died because Naraku turned into Inuyasha and attacked her.

Urasue, a doll-maker, made a clay doll that looked just like Kikyo. She made it to give Kikyo half the soul of Kagome, Kikyo's reincarnation. Kikyo and the doll are the same people so the doll-Kikyo would have the same soul. Kikyo killed Urasue and ran away from Kagome. She had found out that Kagome would control the soul inside her so that it might go back inside Kagome. She hates Inuyasha too, because before she died, she hated him. She became jealous of Kagome because of Inuyasha liking both her and Kikyo but she got over it soon. Kagome was still jealous of Kikyo - even though they are the same person.

Only in the manga, Kikyo dies because she did not go well on destroying Naraku. She tried to kill him by using her arrows to purify (make it good) the finished, whole Shikon no Tama when it was with Naraku, because Naraku could not win over pure (good) things and the jewel, when it was complete, would be make the purity even more powerful with its own power. Kikyo hoped that the side of Naraku's soul would win over the evil, demons' souls inside the jewel, but Naraku was too strong for the goodness. He attacked Kikyo with his badness, because he did not have a heart that loved her any more and Kikyo's messed up goodness of her heart made her spiritual powers go away. This is why she died.

This episode ends with Kikyo dying after Inuyasha kisses her. She wishes that Kagome would not cry, because she is happy since her soul can rest from living a doll-like life. But Kagome does cry. Sango is also sad because she knew that Kikyo cared for Kohaku, her brother, and would do anything if she could not kill him.

Kohaku[change | change source]

Kohaku is Sango's younger brother. He was a boy who used to never like fighting, but when he finally becomes a demon slayer, he is controlled by a spider demon, to kill his own family. Kohaku also dies because of the castle lord's soldiers attacking him for madness. Only his sister Sango did not die, and tries to revenge on Naraku for planning this to happen.

Kohaku is alive even so, because Naraku uses a piece from the Shikon no Tama on his back. The jewel's power made him alive again. But all his memories are gone, and he can only listen to whatever Naraku tells him to do. He also does not remember Sango, who is happy to see that he is alive. But Sango is sad to find her brother killing more people because of Naraku ordering him to. Sango's new aim is to also save Kohaku from Naraku's control.

Midoriko[change | change source]

Midoriko was a priestess who was so strong that she was the same as 100 of Japanese soldiers called Samurais. She had 4 pure (good) souls inside her: Aramitama (Courage), Nigimitama (Friendship), Kushimitama (Wisdom) and Sakimitama (Love). The souls could make a person very powerful which was why she was so.

One day, a human who loved her was jealous, just like Onigumo. He made demons eat his soul so that they could all join together. But the number of demons were so much that the human lost his love and the demons were able to fight Midoriko without any struggle. Because there were so many of them joined together, with so much impurity (bad powers), even with Midoriko's own power of goodness and purity, they could easily win over Midoriko. But when they were about to eat her, she tore out her own 4 pure (good) souls and joined it with the demon's bad soul. This made the demons die and made the Shikon no Tama. But Midoriko also died because of this, together with the demons.

There was a statue of her in a cave in Sango's village where Shako, Sango's grandfather found the Shikon no Tama for the first time and gave it to Kikyo to look after.

In the ending, when Inuyasha entered the jewel, he finally saw Midoriko herself and witnessed her to help him fighting and defeating a huge amount of demons then disappearing and never returning. In the manga, the demon's desire expressed by Naraku dissolved forever her soul in order to prepare the place for Kagome. In fact, after her disappearance, the demons tells to Inuyasha that her battle with them has lasted for the hundreds of years since the Shikon no Tama was born, and Kagome will continue it from here. Furthermore, as soon as the light dies, the huge spider web with Naraku's dead soul instantly appears. Then, Inuyasha became her true successor in the ancient fight against the demon. Instead, in the anime series, after Kagome makes her wish to destroy the jewel and also stop its plan to replace the demon and Midoriko with Naraku and herself, Midoriko ceased her fighting and disappeared along with the demons she fought, implying that her battle had finally ended and she was allowed to move on to the afterlife.

Relationship with Kirara

Kirara is Sango's pet demon. She was also Shako's pet. In the anime, Kirara is also known to be Midoriko's pet. Kirara was not Midoriko's pet in the manga.

Onigumo[change | change source]

Onigumo is a human who was once a thief. He got beaten and was nearly killed when Kikyo came to save him in a cave. This is how Onigumo comes to love Kikyo, but he is soon jealous. He is the maker of Naraku and because his soul is still inside Naraku, Naraku can not kill Kikyo with the love for her by Onigumo still inside him. Naraku does not want to love Kikyo, so he tries to tear onigumo apart. Naraku's trying is shown by Musou, his detachment, who failed. But he finally manges it by tearing his heart, as a little child called Akago and nearly kills her with tentacles, but Kikyo gets help from the soils from Onigumo's cave, where he once used to get treated by Kikyo.

Shako[change | change source]

Shako is Sango's grandfather who used to own Kirara. He could also use Hiraikotsu, which is given to Sango when she is born. He found the Shikon no Tama messed up with impureness (badness) because of the bad Mistress Centipede having it. Shako kills Mistress Centipede with his boomerang and puts her bones into the Bone-eater's well, where bones of dead demons are put inside. This is why Mistress Centipede became alive from her bones and grabbed Kagome inside the well. Shako then gives the jewel to Kikyo, because her goodness will not mess up the jewel any more. But that is why Kikyo has to be a priestess forever, because she has to protect the jewel forever. She did not want to stay being a priestess and wanted to be normal. This is why she agreed to meet Inuyasha and give the jewel to him.

Shako finds the jewel on front of Midoriko's cave, where there is a barrier. He finds out that only people who has goodness in their hearts and feel sorry for dead soldiers can go inside the cave.

Thunder Brothers[change | change source]

The Thunder Brothers are two brothers, called Hiten and Manten. They killed Shippo's father to get a piece of the jewel shard. They made themselves a sash with the father's hide(a belt to remember killing the father). Shippo tries to get revenge on them by getting more power from the Shikon no tama, and tries to steals it from Inuyasha and Kagome, but soon works together with them to kill the Thunder Brothers.

  • Hiten is the oldest brother from the Thunder Brothers. He has a weapon that can control thunder. This is why they are called the Thunder Brothers. He died while fighting with Inuyasha.
  • Manten is the youngest, who can blow fire from his mouth. He does not have much hair so he tries to keep them on, but soon becomes bald because when he only had three strands left, Kagome shot an arrow at his nose and two were pulled off. And the last one pulled off because of Shippo's fox magic top illusion while Shippo was trying to save Kagome. Since then, he is very strong on trying to kill Shippo and Kagome. He dies even so, and Hiten eats him so that Manten's body can be inside Hiten, so that Hiten will always have his brother beside him.

Sesshoumaru[change | change source]

Inuyasha's older brother who is full demon and wants Inuyasha's sword; he has two companions, Jaken and Rin.

Rin[change | change source]

Rin is a innocent girl who was eaten by wolves after she escaped bandits that attacked her village. She is brought back to life by Sesshoumaru's sword and now follows him around.

Koga[change | change source]

Koga is the leader of a wolf demon tribe who kidnapped kagome and fell in love with her. When they met, he was in possession of a jewel shard. He often gets in fights with Inuyasha due to his feelings for Kagome.