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The List of Japanese football teams is evolving. The list is changing as the popularity of Japanese Association football (soccer) grows.[1]

J.League[change | change source]

The sport has a long-term expansion program called the "Hundred Year Plan."[1]

The number of teams in J. League Division 1 is stable; however, the list of teams is variable depending on seasonal win-loss statistics.[1]

The number of teams in J. League Division 2 is expanding slowly; and creation of a Division 3 is proposed.[1]

Division 1[change | change source]

There are 18 Division 1 (J1) teams.[2] In 2012, the J1 teams are:

Division 2[change | change source]

There are 20+ Division 2 (J2) teams.[2] In 2012, the J2 teams are:

Japan Football League[change | change source]

The amateur Japan Football League (JFL) has 17 teams.[43] In 2012, the JFL teams are:

In 2012, Arte Takasaki was removed from the list of JFL teams.[46]

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