Tokushima Vortis

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Tokushima Vortis
Full nameTokushima Vortis
GroundNaruto Athletic Stadium
ChairmanKoji Takamoto
ManagerNaohiko Minobe
LeagueJ2 League
2009J2 League, 9th

Tokushima Vortis (徳島ヴォルティス, Tokushima Vorutisu) is a Japanese professional football club[1] in Tokushima.[2]

History[change | change source]

The club was founded in 1955.[2]

  • 1955-2004 Otsuka Pharmaceutical SC
  • 2005-present Tokushima Vortis

Players[change | change source]

In 2010,[2] the team included Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Pos. Nation Player
1 GK Japan Japan Hideaki Ueno
2 DF Japan Japan Takashi Miki
3 DF Japan Japan Naoki Wako
4 DF Japan Japan Hikaru Mita
5 DF Japan Japan Kentoku Noborio
6 MF Japan Japan Kenichiro Meta
7 MF Japan Japan Takaaki Tokushige
8 MF Japan Japan Kazuki Kuranuki
9 FW South Korea South Korea Kim Dong-Sub
10 MF Japan Japan Yusuke Shimada
11 FW Japan Japan Tomohiro Tsuda
13 MF Japan Japan Yoichiro Kakitani
14 MF Japan Japan Takeshi Hamada
15 MF Japan Japan Jun Aoyama
16 MF Japan Japan Yuya Hikichi
17 MF Japan Japan Kazuyuki Mugita
18 FW Japan Japan Toshiaki Haji
19 FW Japan Japan Ryuichi Hirashige
20 DF South Korea South Korea Bae Seung-Jin
No. Pos. Nation Player
21 GK South Korea South Korea Oh Seung-Hoon
22 DF Japan Japan Kosuke Yatsuda
23 GK Japan Japan Suguru Hino
24 MF Japan Japan Wataru Inoue
25 DF Japan Japan Takashi Hirajima
26 DF Japan Japan Yuya Hashiuchi
27 DF Japan Japan Hiroaki Ando
28 FW Japan Japan Takuma Oka
29 MF Japan Japan Takuya Muguruma
31 FW Japan Japan Akihiro Sato
32 GK Japan Japan Kazuki Abe
33 DF Japan Japan Masahiro Ishikawa
34 FW Japan Japan Koji Onishi

League title[change | change source]

League position[change | change source]

Former position[change | change source]

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