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Hermann Litt played Martin Luther in 1911

Numerous movies have been produced about Martin Luther's life and his doings. In a narrow sense, a Luther movie is a feature movie or a television movie. In an wider sense a Luther movie could also be a documentary movie about Martin Luther, like Curt Oertel's Der gehorsame Rebell (translated: The Obedient Rebel).

Background[change | change source]

Since the time of the silent movies movies telling the story of Martin Luther have been made. 1911 was made the silent movie Doktor Martinus Luther, with a running time of round about 20 minutes. 1913, 1923 und 1927 were made the next movies. The movies of the year 1923 and 1927 were made with support of the church.

The newest movie is called Luther. It was released in 2003.

Overview of the feature movies and television movies about Luther[change | change source]

Year Title Country of production Director Luther-actor
1911 Doktor Martinus Luther Germany Hermann Litt
1913 Die Wittenberger Nachtigall Germany Erwin Báron Rudolf Essek
1923 Martin Luther Germany Karl Wüstenhagen Karl Wüstenhagen
1928 Luther Germany Hans Kyser Eugen Klöpfer
1953 Martin Luther United States
Irving Pichel Niall MacGinnis
1964 Luther Australia Christopher Muir Terry Norris
1965 Luther United Kingdom Alan Cooke Alec McCowen
1965 Der arme Mann Luther Germany Franz Peter Wirth Hans Dieter Zeidler
1968 Der Reformator Germany Rudolf Jugert Christian Rode
1968 Luther United States Stuart Burge Robert Shaw
1974 Luther United Kingdom
United States
Guy Green Stacy Keach
1976 Disput u noci Yugoslavia Milenko Maricic Jovan Milicevic
1981 Frère Martin France
Jean Delannoy Bernard Lincot
1983 Martin Luther Germany Rainer Wolffhardt Lambert Hamel
1983 Martin Luther East Germany Kurt Veth Ulrich Thein
1983 Martin Luther, Heretic United Kingdom
United States
Norman Stone Jonathan Pryce
1984 Martin Luther & Thomas Münzer oder Die Einführung der Buchhaltung East Germany Hanns Anselm Perten
Michael Krull
Uwe-Detlev Jessen
2003 Luther Germany
United States
Eric Till Joseph Fiennes

Overview of the documentary movies about Luther[change | change source]

Jahr Documentary movie title Country of production Director Luther-acteur
1952 Der gehorsame Rebell Germany Curt Oertel
1967 Credo: Martin Luther – Wittenberg 1517 East Germany Rudi Müller
1983 Ein Schüler aus Mansfeld – Die Jugendjahre Martin Luthers East Germany Heide Gauert
1983 Der die Zeit beim Worte nahm – Martin Luther auf der Wartburg East Germany Hanna Emuth
1983 Bürger Luther – Wittenberg 1508–1546 East Germany Lew Hohmann
1992 Where Luther Walked United States
2001 Open Door for Luther United States
2002 Martin Luther United Kingdom Cassian Harrison Timothy West
2003 Martin Luther – Ein Leben zwischen Gott und Teufel Germany Lew Hohmann Jan Henning Kraus
and Matthias Hummitzsch
2004 Luther contre le pape France Jean-François Delassus Romain Redler
and Claude Brosset
2005 Luther – Sein Leben, Weg und Erbe Germany Thomas Meewes Joseph Fiennes[1]
2007 Luther – Kampf mit dem Teufel Germany Günther Klein Ben Becker

Notes[change | change source]

  1. Many scenes of the documentary movie are scenes of the movie Luther (2003) and the content is similar.

Literature[change | change source]

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