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List of lakes of Azerbaijan

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A lake in Qabala district.
Lake Göygöl.

This is a list of lakes of Azerbaijan.

The list includes only natural lakes. Artificial lakes such as reservoirs are not in this list. The Caspian Sea, which is the largest lake on Earth by both area and volume and which borders Azerbaijan on the east, is also not in this list.

There are around 450 lakes in Azerbaijan. All of them are small in area and volume. There are only 5 lakes with a surface area of more than 10 square kilometres (3.9 sq mi). Most of these lakes are fresh water, but some of them are salt lakes. Some of these lakes were formed by tectonics, landslides, rivers (oxbow lake), and lagoons. In the mountainous areas, the lakes were formed by tectonics, landslides and glaciers (glacial lake).[1]

Rank Lake Surface Area (km²) Volume (km³)
1. Lake Sarysu 65.7 59.1
2. Lake Ağgöl 56.2 44.7
3. Lake Böyükshor 16.2 27.5
4. Lake Agzybirçala 13.8 10.0
5. Lake Candar 10.6 51.0
6. Lake Hajikabul 8.4 12.1
7. Lake Böyük Alagöl 5.1 24.3
8. Lake Aschyk 1.76 10.2
9. Lake Göygöl 0.79 24.0
10. Lake Karaçuk 0.45 2.53


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