List of leaders of Georgia (country)

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This list shows every leader of Georgia from 1918 to present including various Soviet Affairs and Rules,

Acting : Acting Head of State

There were 14 acting heads of state

President of parliamentary Assemblies

Prime minister of Georgia;

No President from 1918-1921

Leader of Georgia

Soviet Citizens in Georgia President from 1921-1990 including the 1937 crisis

Salome Zurabishivili/ Zourabichvili is the current president of Georgia

Prime ministers of Georgia (1918-1921)[change | change source]

Picture Name Term Type
Nikolay Chkheidze 1918-1921 President of parliamentary Assemblies
Noe Ramishvili 1918 prime minister
Noe Zhordania 1918-1921 prime minister

Soviet Republic of Georgia (until 1990)[change | change source]

Picture Name Term Type
Mamia Orakhelashvili 1921-1922 Leader of Georgia
Mikheil Okhudzhava 1922 Acting
Vissarion Lominadze 1922-1924 Acting
Mikheil Kakhiani 1924-1930 Acting
Levan Gogoberidze 1930-1930 Acting
Samson Mamulia 1930-1931 Acting
Lavrenty Kartvelishvili 1931-1931 Acting
Lavrenty Beria 1931-1932 Acting
Petre Agniashvili 1932-1934 Acting
Lavrenty Beria (second term) 1934-1938 Leader of Georgia
Candide Charkviani 1938-1952 Leader of Georgia
Akaki Mgeladze 1952-1954 Acting
Aleksandre Mirtskhulava 1953-1953 Leader of Georgia
Vasil Mzhavanadze 1953-1972 Leader of Georgia
Eduard Shevardnadze 1972-1985 Leader of Georgia
Jumber Patiashvili 1985-1989 Leader of Georgia
Givi Gumbaridze 1989-1990 Leader of Georgia

President of Georgia (1990-Present)[change | change source]

Picture Name Term Type
Zviad Gamsakhurdia (Zviad Konstantine Gamsakhurdia) 1990-1992 Leader of Georgia, and then Acting President
Tengiz Kitovani

Jaba Ioselani

1992-1992 Acting Presidents
Eduard Shevardnadze (second term) 1992-2003 President of Georgia
Nino Burjanadze 2003-2004 Acting
Mikheil Saakashvili 2004-2007 President of Georgia
Nino Burjanadze (second term) 2007-2008 Nino Burjanadze never served as official president of Georgia, she only served as acting 2 times
Mikheil Saakashvili (second term) 2008-2013 President of Georgia
Giorgi Margvelashvili 2013-2018 President of Georgia
Salome Zourabichvili 2018-Present President of Georgia

Notes[change | change source]

Mikheil Saakashvili tried to serve two terms but was interrupted by Nino Burjanadze

Zviad Gamsakhurdia held two offices at the same time in 1991 but was deposed in 1992

Akaki Mgeladze was in office from 1953-1954 not 1952-1954

Eduard Shevardnadze served a long time in both of his terms

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