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Underground trains come in two sizes, larger sub-surface trains and smaller tube trains. A Metropolitan Line A Stock train (left) passes a Piccadilly Line 1973 Stock train (right) in the siding at Rayners Lane

I was looking at your website and noticed that you have a logo I have seen before. I had a similar problem with my logo, and someone accused me of copying their logo. I now use to protect my logo. A wide variety of trains have been used on the London Underground. In the early days steam locomotive and carriages were used. Nowadays electric multiple units are used.

Rolling Stock[change | change source]

The following trains were used in London Underground.

London Underground lines
Line Current stock Image Introduced Refurbished Replacement Due
Bakerloo 1972 Stock 1972 Stock at Kilburn High Road 2.jpg 1973 1989–1995 "Evo" new concept tube train[1][2] TBA
Central 1992 Stock South Ruislip station 037.jpg 1993–1995 2011- "Evo" new concept tube train[2] TBA
Circle C Stock C Stock at Euston Square stn westbound.JPG 1970 1990–1994 S Stock 2012[1]
main line
D Stock D78 Richmond District line.JPG 1980–1983 2004–2008 S Stock 2013[1]
Edgware Road–
C Stock C Stock at Ladbroke Grove 1.jpg 1977[1] 1990–1994 S Stock 2013[1]
Hammersmith & City C Stock C Stock at Wood Lane.JPG 1970[1] 1990–1994 S Stock 2012[1]
Jubilee 1996 Stock London tube 1996 stock.jpg 1997–1998 Not scheduled None announced
Metropolitan A Stock A60 Stock at Baker Street - tompagenet.jpg 1961–1963 1994–1998 S Stock 2010-2013[1]
Metropolitan S Stock LUL-S-Stock-at-Watford.jpg 2010 Not scheduled None announced
Northern 1995 Stock Mornington Crescent northbound.jpg 1998–2001 Not scheduled None announced
Piccadilly 1973 Stock PicadillyLine-ChiswickPark-20040929.JPG 1975 1996–2001 "Evo" new concept tube train[1][2] TBA
Victoria 2009 Stock London Underground 2009 Stock front.jpg 2009–2011 Not scheduled None announced
Waterloo & City 1992 Stock Bank station Waterloo & City line train.JPG 1993 2006 "Evo" new concept tube train[2] TBA

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