Loreto Region

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Loreto is Peru's most northern region. Covering almost one-third of Peru's territory, Loreto is the nation's biggest region. It is also one of the least populated ones, because of its remote location in the Amazon rainforest. Its capital is the city of Iquitos.

Boundaries[change | change source]

Administrative divisions[change | change source]

The region is divided into eight provinces (provincias, singular: provincia), which are composed of 53 districts (distritos, singular: distrito). The provinces, with their capitals in parenthesis, are:

  1. Maynas (Iquitos)
  2. Alto Amazonas (Yurimaguas)
  3. Datem del Marañón (San Lorenzo)
  4. Loreto (Nauta)
  5. Mariscal Ramón Castilla (Caballococha)
  6. Putumayo (San Antonio del Estrecho)
  7. Requena (Requena)
  8. Ucayali (Contamana)

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