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Location of the municipality of Losser
A farm in Losser
View from the Tankenberg
The Dinkel River flows through Losser municipality
Coat of arms

Losser (Low Saxon: Losker / Loster / Lösser) is a village in the municipality of Losser, the Netherlands.

It lies in Twente, a region in the Province of Overijssel.

The village borders Germany.

As of 2014, about 13,300 people were living in the village.
As of 2017, about 22,500 people were living in the municipality.

Losser is a rural municipality, and mainly Roman Catholic.

The Tankenberg with an altitude of 85 m is the highest hill of the Province of Overijssel, and is located in the municipality of Losser.

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Coordinates: 52°16′N 7°0′E / 52.267°N 7.000°E / 52.267; 7.000