Louis-Constantin Boisselot

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Louis-Constantin Boisselot (11 March 1809 – 5 June 1850 in Marseille) was a French piano manufacturer. Franz Liszt was a long-time friend of the family and also his son's (Marie-Louis-François Boisselot (1845–1902)) godfather.[1] Liszt received a Boisselot piano as a gift and used it for creating the Weimar years.[2] A replica of the Liszt's personal Boisselot 1846 piano was created by 200 Liszt's celebration by a piano builder McNulty.[3] Both original and the replica are property of the Klassik Stiftung Weimar.

Louis-Constantin Boisselot succeeded his father Jean-Louis Boisselot in the piano making business, which was successfully continued by next generations of the family until the late nineteenth century.

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