Louisiana Territory

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Territory of Louisiana
Organized incorporated territory of the United States
Flag of Louisiana Territory

A map of the Territory of Louisiana
CapitalSt. Louis
 • TypeOrganized incorporated territory
• 1805–1807
James Wilkinson
• 1807–1809
Meriwether Lewis
• 1810–1812
Benjamin Howard
• Established
July 4 1805
• Renamed Territory of Missouri
June 4 1812
Preceded by
Succeeded by
District of Louisiana
Missouri Territory

The Territory of Louisiana or Louisiana Territory was an organized incorporated territory of the United States. It was made from the former Louisiana (New France) on July 4, 1805. It lasted until June 4, 1812, when it was renamed the Missouri Territory.

Creation[change | change source]

On March 3, 1805, Congress passed legislation organizing the District of Louisiana into the Louisiana Territory, starting July 4, 1805.

The Territory was governed like how the Indiana Territory was governed.[1]

Government[change | change source]

The capitol of government was in St. Louis.

The first territorial governor was James Wilkinson. He was chosen by President Thomas Jefferson. He also was a Senior Officer of the United States Army while he was governor.

References[change | change source]

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