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Studio album by
Released29 November 2010
N-Dubz chronology
'Against All Odds
Singles from Love.Live.Life
  1. "We Dance On"
    Released: 20 May 2010
  2. "Best Behaviour"
    Released: 17 October 2010
  3. "Girls"
    Released: 13 December 2010
  4. "So Alive"
    Released: 6 February 2011
  5. "Morning Star"
    Released: 14 March 2011

Love.Live.Life is the third studio album to be released by British hip hop group N-Dubz, released on 29 November 2010, as a collaboration by All Around the World and Island Records. Following the release of the album the group announced an long-term break to focus on solo projects.

Background[change | change source]

The group began recording the album following the success of their second album Against All Odds.[1] Due to the album being released in America, certain UK words like "Blood" and "You get me?" were removed from the final edit of the album, but the group's trademark phrase "Na, na, niii" stayed as the group did not want to lose the respect they had earned from their original fans.[2]

Track listing[change | change source]

No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. "Intro"  N-Dubz, Zachery AndersonFazer 1:25
2. "Best Behaviour"  N-Dubz, Ben HudsonFazer, Mr Hudson 3:57
3. "Took It All Away"  N-Dubz,Fazer, Zero Gravity 3:39
4. "Living for the Moment"  N-Dubz, Ursula Yancy, Kenneth CobySoundz, Josh Franceschi 4:54
5. "Love Live Life"  Jean Baptiste, Ryan Buendia, Charlie Gibson, Nick Marsh, Michael McHenryFree School 3:57
6. "Scream My Name"  N-Dubz, Boy Reckless, Ina Wroldsen, Nate Walka, Max Gousse, Zachery AndersonFuego, Max Gousse, Mark Hoppus 3:03
7. "Love Sick" (featuring Ny)N-Dubz, Ina Wroldsen, Peter Ighile, Kyle Abrahams, Dion WardleParker & James 3:50
8. "Toot It and Boot It" (featuring YG and Ty Dolla $ign)Dappy, Kevin Jackson, Tyron Griffin, Martin Newman, Nim Lee, Tommy BluechelTy Dolla $ign, Max Gousse, Chad Gilbert 4:03
9. "Skit" (featuring Fearless)Dappy, Antony EvolokoFazer 2:38
10. "So Alive" (featuring Skepta)N-Dubz, Jamie AdenguaSkepta 3:38
11. "Girls"  N-Dubz, Jim Jonsin, Danny Morris, Zachery AndersonJim Jonsin 2:50
12. "Cold Shoulder"  N-Dubz, Salaam Remi, Hernest Bellevue, Ursula YancySalaam Remi, Bellevue 3:13
13. "Morning Star"  Jean Baptiste, Ryan Buendia, Nick Marsh, Michael McHenry, Simon GordonFree School 3:07
14. "Outro"  N-Dubz, Zachery AndersonFazer 1:30
15. "We Dance On" (featuring Bodyrox)N-Dubz, Norman Bridges, Luciana Caporoso, Nick Clow, Jon PearnBodyrox 2:53

References[change | change source]

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