Lovech Province

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Coordinates: 43°0′N 24°30′E / 43.000°N 24.500°E / 43.000; 24.500

Lovech Province
Oбласт Ловеч
Location of Lovech Province in Bulgaria
Location of Lovech Province in Bulgaria
 • Total4,128 km2 (1,594 sq mi)
 (February 2011)
 • Total141,422
 • Density34/km2 (89/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
License plateOB

Lovech Province is one of the 28 provinces of Bulgaria. The capital city is also named Lovech.

Municipalities[change | change source]

The Lovech province has eight municipalities. The following table shows the names of each municipality, the main town or village (in bold), and the population as of December 2009.

Municipality Pop. Town/Village Pop.[1][2]
Apriltsi 3,554 Apriltsi 3,207
Letnitsa 5,101 Letnitsa 3,739
Lovech 53,578 Lovech 38,579
Lukovit 19,469 Lukovit 9,630
Teteven 22,016 Teteven 10,613
Troyan 33,827 Troyan 21,997
Ugarchin 7,181 Ugarchin 2,832
Yablanitsa 6,427 Yablanitsa 2,896

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