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Low kick is a leg technique used in certain boxes pieds-poings (Burmese boxing, kickboxing and Thai boxing Muay Thai) and certain martial arts. It consists in striking a blow with shinbone or a kick in the lower limb of the opponent (thigh or leg). According to the official rules concerning sport, it can be carried to the outer and to the inner part of the lower limb.

In fights in full contact (so-called K.O. system), these kicks are allowed in order to make an opponent not stable, indeed to have an advantage.

In the matter of hits in the legs, several kicks exist: circular or roundhouse kick, semicircular kick, balanced kicks (stick kick, crescent kick, axe kick...), kicks along the straight line (front kick and side kick), hooked-type kicks (hook kick), kicks that go down (hammer kick), etc.

In American or Japanese kickboxing, this type of kick can be only circular or semicircular according to the official rules.