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Typical building in Lunik IX
Waste disposal is a problem.

Luník IX is a borough (city ward) in the city of Košice, Slovakia, in the Košice II district. It is located in the western-central part of the city, surrounded by the boroughs of Pereš, Myslava, Barca, Juh and Západ.

Luník IX houses the largest community of Romani people in Slovakia.[1] It was originally built for 2,500 people. Estimates are that its population in 2021 is three times larger. Living standards are low. Services such as gas, water, and electricity are usually cut off, because the majority of inhabitants are not paying rent or utilities fees.[2]

Health standards are low: diseases such as hepatitis, head lice, diarrhoea, scabies, and meningitis are common.[2] Almost all people in the borough [[[unemployment|do not have a job]].[2] The borough has one elementary school and a kindergarten.[3]

Luník IX is serviced by a bus line, which stops only on selected bus stops. Boarding the bus is only allowed through the front door. Due to frequent attacks of aggressive residents, bus drivers deployed on the line receive a hazard pay.[4]

History[change | change source]

There was a Romani village which was close by, but it was demolished in 1979. The Romani people were moved into Lunik IX. There was a landfill nearby. In the 1980s, about 2.000 people lived in Lunik IX, about half of them were Romani.[3] Over time, the non-Romani population moved away, with the Romani taking flats after their departure, and the borough turned into a Romani ghetto.[5]

In 1995, the city council of Košice created a plan for the living conditions of dodgers, the maladjusted, and people from illegally occupied flats around Košice.[3] They were to be moved into Luník IX, with "non-problematic" families being moved out if they requested it. The realization of this plan is on-going.[3]

Statistics[change | change source]

  • Area: 1.07 square kilometres (0.41 sq mi)
  • Population: 6,411 (December 2017)
  • Density of population: 6,000/km² (December 2017)
  • District: Košice II
  • Mayor: Marcel Šaňa (as of 2018 elections)

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