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A landfill in Poland
Uncontrolled garbage dump.

A landfill is a place where waste is kept. Waste is usually buried in landfills, but it may first be sorted to remove any recyclable materials.

Landfills have a bad smell and look bad, therefore are usually located far away from where people live.

Once the waste is crushed into very small pieces, it is buried, but without oxygen, a dangerous gas called methane is created. This process is called anaerobic digestion. In some countries, the methane from landfills is used to generate energy.

Large landfills in the United States[change | change source]

Roosevelt Regional Landfill, Roosevelt, Washington.[1]
Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site, Aurora, Colorado.[2]
Columbia Ridge Landfill, Arlington, Oregon.[3]
Pine Tree Acres, Lenox, Michigan.[4]

Other large landfills[change | change source]

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