Lycée Thiers

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Lycée Thiers
Entrance to the Lycée
Marseille, France
Type public school
Founded 1802
Founder Napoleon I
Director Philippe Freydefont
Grades Collège
Inner courtyard of the Lycée

The Lycée Thiers is a public secondary school in the city center of Marseille and obtains the best results of the academy of Aix-Marseille. It is considered one of the most demanding in France.

History[change | change source]

The law of May 1, 1802 decided the creation of 45 secondary schools in France. The "Lycée de Marseille" was opened on December 22, 1802. Under Napoleon III, it was called "Lycée Impérial". In 1930, it took the name of "Lycée Thiers."

Today[change | change source]

The Lycée Thiers is constituted by a college of 400 pupils and a lycee of 1900 pupils, with 980 pupils studying in the "classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles" (classes to prepare students for entrance to the élite grandes écoles)!

Famous alumni[change | change source]