Mac OS X Public Beta

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Mac OS X Public Beta
A version of the macOS operating system
DeveloperApple Computer
OS family
Working stateHistoric, not supported
Released to
September 13, 2000
Kernel typeHybrid (XNU)
Preceded byMac OS 9
Succeeded byMac OS X 10.0 Cheetah
Official websiteApple - Mac OS X at the Wayback Machine (archived November 9, 2000)
Support status
Unsupported as of March 24, 2001

Mac Os X Public Beta is a Operating System of Apple Computers which are Developed by Apple Inc. Which is later on Updated to the version Mac OS X 10.0

The Mac OS X Public Beta was an early, test version of the Mac OS X operating system released to the public in late 2000 for USD $30. Hardcore Macintosh fans could therefore get a taste of the upcoming operating system before its final release. It was named Kodiak internally by Apple. The name was not publicly used.

The Public Beta was the first time people could use the Aqua interface. Virtually everything was new in the operating system: fonts, the Dock, even the menu bar (with an Apple logo at the centre, which was later repositioned). The icons exploded in size, and new OS eye candy was all the rage.

As it was a public beta, this version was not without its bugs and inconveniences. Apple used user feedback to improve upon the OS, so that a vastly improved Golden Master version of Mac OS X was ready for release by March 2001.

The Public Beta version came with a price tag, and a time limit (set for May 15, 2001). In spite of all these shortcomings, it was still welcomed by the Mac community, with people eager to test drive the new OS.

The Public Beta was superseded by Mac OS X 10.0.0, the first final release of Mac OS X.