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Maebashi city
City Hall
Gunma Prefectural Library in Maebashi

Maebashi (前橋市, Maebashi-shi) is a Japanese city in the Kantō region on the island of Honshu.[1] It is the capital city of Gunma Prefecture.[2]

It has been recognized as a core city since 2009.[3]

Architecture[change | change source]

Rinkokaku is a wooden building which was built in 1884. It is an important cultural property. [source?]

Food[change | change source]

"Misopan", meaning “Bread with Miso paste” originates from Yakimanju. Friand, Numata, is famous for Misopan. The buns are made from Gunma Prefecture’s high quality wheat. Azuki bean paste is not used, but rather, a spread of miso with sugar, which is then grilled until brown.

Sightseeing[change | change source]

The prefectural office building was formed from Maebashi castle. It was renovated in 1999, and became the tallest building in Maebashi.[source?]

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