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Magdalena River

Coordinates: 11°7′0″N 74°51′0″W / 11.11667°N 74.85000°W / 11.11667; -74.85000
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The delta of the Magdalena River
Map of the Magdalena River watershed
EtymologyBiblical figure Mary Magdalene
Physical characteristics
SourceLa Magdalena lagoon
 - locationColombian Massif, Colombia
 - coordinates1°56′3″N 76°36′29″W / 1.93417°N 76.60806°W / 1.93417; -76.60806
 - elevation3,685 m (12,090 ft)
MouthCaribbean Sea
 - locationBarranquilla, Colombia
 - coordinates11°7′0″N 74°51′0″W / 11.11667°N 74.85000°W / 11.11667; -74.85000
 - elevation0 m (0 ft)
Length1,528 km (949 mi)[1]
Basin size257,438 km2 (99,397 sq mi)
 - locationCalamar, Bolívar[2]
 - average7,200 m3/s (250,000 cu ft/s)[2]
 - minimum2,000 m3/s (71,000 cu ft/s)
 - maximum12,000 m3/s (420,000 cu ft/s)
Basin features
 - leftPáez River, Saldaña River, La Miel River, Nare River, Cauca River, San Jorge River
 - rightCabrera River, Bogotá River, Negro River, Carare River, Sogamoso River, Cesar River
Official nameSistema Delta Estuarino del Río Magdalena, Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta
Designated18 June 1998
Reference no.951[3]

The Magdalena River is the most important river in the western part of Colombia. It has a length of 1,538 kilometres (956 mi). Its course is from south to north. About 80 percent of the population of Colombia live on the banks of the river or one of its tributaries. Barranquilla, Colombia's biggest city, lies on the banks of the river.

Watercraft can travel on the river up to the city of Honda, about 1,000 kilometres (620 mi) upstream. At Honda, there are rapids. After these rapids, watercraft can travel for another 240 kilometres (150 mi).

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