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Makiivka (Ukrainian: Макіївка, romanizedMakíjivka; Russian: Макеевка, romanized: Makéjevka) is a city in the Donetsk Oblast (province) of eastern Ukraine. In 2022, 338,968 people lived there.

History[change | change source]

Russo-Ukrainian War[change | change source]

During the Russo-Ukrainian War the city town hall was taken over by pro-Russian separatists on 13 April 2014.[1] Makiivka is still (as of 2023's first quarter) under the control of Donetsk People's Republic.[2]

New Year's Day rocket attack in 2023[change | change source]

During the night of 31 December 2022/1 January 2023,[3] many Russian soldiers died when they were staying in a school building; Ukrainian soldiers did blow up the building during a rocket attack.[4] The HIMARS rocket system was used, media said.[5][6][7][8] The number of dead soldiers is either less than one hundred, or "many hundred"; sources have different numbers.[9][6][10][8][6] The Rocket attack on soldiers' quarters in Makiivka, is also called the Makiivka military quarters shelling (see shell (projectile)).

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