Manipur Statehood Day Women's Polo Tournament 2016

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2016 Manipur Statehood Day Women's Polo Tournament
Tournament details
Host country India
Venue(s)Imphal Polo Ground (in Imphal host cities)
Final positions
Champions  India
Runner-up  United States
Tournament statistics
Matches playedPolo (Sagol Kangjei)
This is the first and the only international women's polo tournament organized in India

Manipur Statehood Day Women's Polo Tournament 2016 or 1st Manipur Statehood Day Women's Polo Tournament is a Polo Tournament that was held in Imphal, Manipur. It was organised in Mapal Kangjeibung (Imphal Polo Ground), the oldest polo ground in the world. It is the first and the only women's polo tournament in India.[1][2][3]

The event is organized to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the All Manipur Polo Association (AMPA). It was established in 1955 by Ningthou Bodhachandra, His Highness, the then King of Manipur.[1]

Participants[change | change source]

Four women's team from Manipur are (1) Chingkheihunba Polo Club Women's Team, (2) Thoubal Polo Association Women's Team, (3) Eastern Students Club Women's Team, (4) Venture Fifteen Polo Club Women's Team. Team United States Polo Association (USPA) is the first international women's polo team to come to India.[1][4]

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