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Manipuri Pony

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Manipuri Pony
Conservation status
Other names
  • Manipur Pony
  • Meitei Sagol[3]
Country of originIndia
StandardIndigenous Horse Society of India
    • usually 122–132 cm
    • up to 136 cm[4]: 484 
Colourfourteen recognised colours[4]: 484 
Manipuri horseman in an illustration from 1855

The Manipuri Pony or Meitei Horse (Meitei: Meitei Sagol; Old Manipuri: Meitei Sakol) is a traditional Indian breed of horse, mainly found in the plains of Manipur. It appears in the both history and the mythology of Manipur. In the past, it was used for warfare as well as for polo games.[5][6][7][8]

History[change | change source]

Since ancient times, Manipuri horses were used for both warfare and polo.

Mythology[change | change source]

Samadon Ayangba, the mythical horse with wings, was created by Sanamahi, in the moon land. Later, it became the war-horse for Marjing, the god who invented the game of polo. Legend says Samadon Ayangba is the ancestor of the present day Manipuri horse.

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